Prey For Freedom by John Shaw - Aviation Art



Prey For Freedom

 By John Shaw

 December 1943... The stricken B-17 Ye Olde Pub of Charles L. Brown and crew nearly met disaster following a bomb run over Bremen, Germany. Wrestling the Pub out of its death-dive, Brown had no way of knowing he’d leveled out above a fighter base at which ace Franz Stigler’s Bf-109 had just been refueled & armed. 

As the American bomber limped overhead, Stigler and crew watched in amazement & excitement as this easy prey would be not only the 2nd B-17 he could claim that day, and add another ‘kill’ to avenge his beloved brother he‘d lost at the start of the war, but also would earn him the coveted Knight’s Cross. It was not to be... upon Pursuing & catching the Americans, Stigler saw the pain & fear on the faces of the helpless B-17 crew.

Conscience and a sense of honor overrode his military duty, and at the risk of his own execution, he escorted the wounded plane to the coast and on to safe passage, saluting Brown and his astonished crew.

Half a century later, the 2 pilots would meet, and the former enemies would develop a friendship so close that Stigler would come to consider Brown to be as the brother he’d lost.

Overall size: 22½" x 33"


  • Limited Edition: Signed by the Artist ~ 1,000 prints ($195)
  • Artist's Proof: Giclée print + Franz Stigler autograph + additional items listed below - low inventory ~ 100 prints ($395)
  • Publisher's Proof: Giclée print + companion print + Franz Stigler autograph + additional items listed below - very low inventory ~ 50 prints ($495)
  • Special Edition: Giclée print + a remarque in the main print border + companion print + Franz Stigler autograph + additional items listed below - very low inventory ~ 40 prints ($595)
  • Giclee on Canvas: Largest Giclee , with an image size of 23½" x 40" + hand accented by the artist - very low inventory ~ 20 prints ($895)

Collectors items with Artist's Proofs, Publisher's proofs and Special edition

(Optional items to include in matting/framing)


Franz Stigler autograph & Display Card with signature window featuring color illustration of Stigler’s Bf-109

Custom-embroidered JG-27 “Dancing Bear” squadron patch


Franz Stigler mini-portrait by artist

“Long First Mission - Ye Olde Pub Returns Home”
Black & sepia concept illustration by artist depicting Charlie Brown’s battered B-17 after it has miraculously made it back to England.

Overall size: 8½" x 19"

'Special edition' prints also include a printed remarque in the lower right border




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