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In the late 1970's and early 1980's, we were living in Connecticut, in a beautiful little town called New Canaan. My father, top scoring allied fighter ace J. E. "Johnnie" Johnson, was visiting and asked if we were interested in becoming a distributor of aviation art for a little known artist named Robert Taylor. My father showed me an early brochure with a print ("Spitfire" - Rob's first aviation art print) listed for $7.00US.

My first thought was, "We're going to need to sell a tonne of these to make a buck!"

How things have changed over the years. Those early years of building this business in the market for aviation art, war art and military art were a great challenge. 14 hour days, air shows, car shows, boat shows, home shows....any shows we could get into, we did. The idea was to put three million people past our artists' work, and we knew their talent would eventually catch on. In no time, aviation enthusiasts were calling to place orders in droves.

During the early 1980's there were only a handful of aviation art and war art dealers and so we began to build a network of dealers across the country. From time to time my father would visit with a few friends from the war, and would 'put on a show' for our customers, as he used to like to say. We all had a great time listening to the tales of the great air battles from those buccaneering days long ago. We truly do cherish those moments spent with our family and friends.

Today, we still specialize in Robert Taylor and have over 3,000 prints in stock! We also carry other artists for the aviation art and military art enthusiast, like Nicholas Trudgian, William Phillips, Gerald Coulson, Simon Atack, John Shaw, Philip West, and Robert Taylor's son, Richard Taylor.

Unlike most aviation art companies, this business is our full time job, hobby, passion, and life. We feel our love of aviation and our friendly atmosphere makes us the best in the business. We also have free print replacement for all our customers, ensuring that if their prints gets damaged, we can replace it. We treat our customers like family.

Mike Johnson, President and son of Founder, Air Vice Marshall J.E. "Johnnie" Johnson.

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"We treat our customers like family."

"Wings carries large quantities of both new and sold out editions and as one of the largest fine aviation art dealers in the world, we look forward to helping you find your favourite aviation prints. " - Mike Johnson, President and son of J.E. "Johnnie" Johnson

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