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John Shaw - A Leading Aviation Artist 

John Shaw Aviation Art

John D. Shaw is one of the top aviation artist's in the world today. He's has pursued his art and graphics career since 1985. Born in 1961, this native of Carson City, Nevada has always maintained an interest in creating both fine and commercial art. As an illustrator, Shaw has created artwork for a variety of clients such as Lucasfilms Ltd., Kellogg's, Major League Baseball, Coast Federal Bank of California, etc.

Shaw's work took a major new emphasis in 1993, when he began creating paintings with an historical aviation theme. With special attention to the World War II era, his depictions of these aircraft, people and their missions have won national awards.

To date, seven of these paintings have been reproduced as limited-edition lithographs, all of which are hand-signed by Shaw and famous aviators such as Chennault's Flying Tigers, the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders, American 'Eagle' Squadrons and Mercury Astronauts.

Shaw's most recent release was the result of detailed research work with members of the legendary A.V.G. Flying Tigers. Entitled By The Dawn's Early Light, it depicts an extremely hazardous low-level strafing raid flown by the AVG in Chiang Mai, Thailand in early 1942. Lithographs were recently signed by over thirty of these distinguished veterans in Dallas, Texas.

Shaw has several upcoming pieces scheduled for 1997 release. He currently resides in central California with his wife and two children.

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John Shaw at the signing of his famous "Tokyo Raider" print.

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