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The Homecoming

By Robert Taylor 


 In 1942, the Focke-Wulf FW-190s of IIJG2, under the command of Major "Assi" Hahn, formed part of the massive aerial defenses. Based at Morlaix, 40 miles northeast of Brest, the JG2 pilots were in constant action against raiding bomber and fighter forces based in England. Rober Taylor's new painting - reproduced as his final print of the century - recreates a scene from the period.

Returning from an evening coastal sweep, FW-190 pilots of JG-2 make a low pass to welcome home the type VII U-boats of the 9th Submarine Flotilla as they sail into the calm waters of the Brest Roads. Relaxed now, but weary from a arduous period of action in the North Atlantic, the U-boat crews wave acknowledgement to the aerial salute from their Luftwaffe comrades. 

Adding great collectibility to Robert Taylor's final limited edition issue of the 20th Century, each print is individually hand-signed by three U-Boat captains and three distinguished FW-190 pilots from World War II. 

Each print has been individually signed by three lrading Knight's Cross holders who flew the FW-109 in combat on the Western Front and by three distinguished U-boat captains, all Knight's Cross holders.

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