The Dambusters - Impossible Mission (Giclee) by Robert Taylor - Aviation Art


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  • Variant: Giclee on Canvas - Studio Proof
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The Dambusters - Impossible Mission (Giclee)

By Robert Taylor - Aviation Art




  • The Giclee Studio Proof: Giclee on canvas. Signed by the artist. Image size: 20" x 40" - 50 prints ($725)
  • LARGEST SIZE - The Giclee Exhibition Proof: Giclee on canvas. Signed by the artist. Image size: 30" x 60" - Limited to 10 prints ($1,295)

This famous Robert Taylor prints has been SOLD OUT... HOWEVER, a very limited number have been released as Giclee Proofs.

has painted an aviation masterpiece which captures the very essence of the Dams raids carried out more than 60 years ago: 'Dinghy' Young, flying Lancaster AJ-A, heading through flak and machine gun fire towards the Mohne Dam at precisely 60ft, has just released his cylindrical, hydrostatically-triggered bouncing bomb, which is clearly visible against the huge splash created as it hits the water. The mighty Mohne Dam has but moments to live.

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