Hostile Skies by Robert Taylor - Aviation Art


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Hostile Skies

By Robert Taylor


In Robert Taylor’s exhilarating painting, the second of six in his Protagonists Series, we see a typical scene recreated by the world’s most collected aviation artist; a B-24 has been hit and is losing touch with the main formation; the Luftwaffe pilots are concentrating their attentions on the unfortunate aircraft.

Two Fw190s having made a diving pass through the formation, are zooming back up for the damaged B-24. Seeing the desperate situation, a P-38 escort pilot has made a head-on attack, splitting the pair of determined Fw190s, thwarting their attempt to finish off the B-24. Another P-38, aware of the predicament, is turning into the path of the Fw190s.

The Signatures: 

Each print is individually signed by two P-38 Aces and o top-scoring Fw190 fighter pilots:

  • Colonel GERALD BROWN
  • Colonel JOHN LOWELL


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