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Hell Hawks Over Utah

By Robert Taylor


As elements of the US VII Corps storm ashore on Utah beach below, P-47D Thunderbolts from the 365th Fighter Group, US Ninth Air Force - The Hell Hawks - overfly the Normandy bridgehead on the morning of D-Day, 6 June 1944. Flying from their base in southern England, the mighty Hell Hawks head inland to attack and successfully suppress German positions in support of the American advance.

Continuing in his series of D-Day Anniversary editions spanning thirty years - D-Day Normandy Landings (40th), D-Day the Airborne Assault (50th), Doolittle's D-Day (60th), Robert Taylor has created a stunning masterpiece to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of one of the greatest Military operations in history.



Plans and Preparations

Issued as a matching piece with all but the Limited Edition - Robert Taylor’s magnificent Masterwork drawing, completed in his graphite and paint
combination, portrays Pilots and ground crew of the 365th Fighter Group working tirelessly to keep their P-47 Thunderbolts prepared and ready for action during the crucial weeks following D-Day, June 1944.



These editions will be available for delivery mid to late June. Orders received before this will not be charged until the print is shipped, but will ensure a reservation.
Simply pick the edition you want from the drop down below the print image.

  • Limited edition: Signed by two (2) pilots who flew with the Hell Hawks. 325 prints ($320)
  • Collectors edition: With eleven (11) signatures and companion print. 250 prints. ($395)
  • Artist's proof: As above. 25 prints ($545)
  • Remarque: As above. 15 prints ($1,195)
  • Double remarque: As above. 10 prints ($1,925)
  • Tribute Edition: With Thirteen (13) signatures, companion print, and a matted original drawing by Robert Taylor. 10 prints. ($2,995)



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