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Fortress Malta 

 By Nicolas Trudgian


In the summer of 1942, the desperate battle to keep Malta in Allied hands is at its height. The vital Port of Valetta is the target for yet another attack by Luftwaffe JU88 bombers. Leaping to its defence from their nearby airfield at Takali come Spitfire Mk VBs of No.249 Squadron, who, in pursuit of the Bombers, have become entangled with the enemy escort fighters.
These include Me109s of JG53 and Italian Air Force Re2001s of 2nd Gruppo based in Sicily. Such gallant efforts by the RAF squadrons led them to overcome seemingly impossible odds to protect this vitally strategic island. They successfully repulsed the Axis attacks and made possible the winning of the war in the Mediterranean Theatre.

Overall size: 19¼" x 28¼" Available in the following editions  




  • Squadron Leader Keith Lawrence
  • Flight Lieutenant Len Davies
  • General Giacomo Metellini


  • Main edition: Signed by two (2) RAF fighter pilots and one Italian fighter pilot. 150 prints ($235)
  • Artist Signed Limited edition: Signed by the artist only. 300 prints ($150)



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