First of Many by Robert Taylor - Aviation Art

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First of Many

By Robert Taylor


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On the morning of 11 July 1940, Douglas Bader, the new commander of 242 squadron took off alone in filthy weather to intercept a lone intruder that had been reported in his sector. Here we see Bader as he breaks into the clear, and spots the enemy. Minutes later the Dornier crashed into the sea, the first victory for Bader and 242 squadron.  

This special edition print was issued to celebrate the life and times of Douglas Bader.   Joining Robert Taylor in signing each print individually were 4 of the great Battle of Britain leaders.  All became household names and were very highly decorated.   Peter Townsend, Jamie Jamison, Duncan Smith and Bob Stanford-Tuck.

Overall Print Size is:  24" wide x 20" high


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