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Eagles At Dawn

By Robert Taylor


In this dramatic rendition, the world's number one aviation artist captures a brilliantly colorful midwinter scene during the final phase of the war on the Eastern Front. Glinting in the sub-zero early morning sunlight as fresh snow begins to fall, and led by their Gruppenkommandeur Erich Hartmann, the Me1O9G fighters of 1./JG-53 scramble off the snow-covered airstrip at Veszprem in Hungary, February 1945. They will intercept waves of Russian fighters and bombers in the skies above Czechoslovakia in a last ditch attempt to repel the impending invasion of Germany.

Specially published as a commemorative set of three highly restricted editions, with each print individually signed by Erich Hartmann in 1990, EAGLES AT DAWN is the second edition in the Hartmann Trilogy. As a special tribute to Hartmann by fellow fighter pilots who flew on the Eastern Front, a number of prints are also signed by pilots of JG-52 and JG-53, the two groups with which Erich Hartmann scored his victories

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