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Days of Thunder

By Richard Taylor


Richard Taylor is fast becoming a well-known talent and is proving his famous father, artist Robert Taylor, very proud. Now is an exceptional time to get in early and start stocking these precious editions that will, no doubt, be very valuable one day.

Duxford became home to the 78th Fighter Group when they arrived in England with their P-47B Thunderbolts in 1943. The objective of the American fighter units was to gain air superiority over the Luftwaffe in support of their daylight bombing campaign. By 1944 they achieved their objective. Richard Taylor commemorates the valiant contribution of the 78th Fighter Group with a fine new rendition showing P-47D Thunderbolts departing Duxford en route for the north coast of France, and a low-level strafing mission. It is the spring of 1944, and with the Normandy invasion just days away, the Thunderbolts are already painted with invasion markings. A striking and emotive painting from a rare emerging talent.

Every print in the exclusive FOUR signature edition has been additionally signed by three P-51 fighter pilots, including two Aces, who flew combat in Europe during WWII.

The Double Remarque is a real treat and should be considered for serious collector and investor. 

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