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Coup De Grâce

By Anthony Saunders


The fifth aircraft to attack the Möhne dam on the night of 16 / 17 May 1943, Flt.Lt. David Maltby powers Lancaster AJ-J away from the target as his Upkeep mine successfully detonates against the already damaged dam wall. Within seconds the dam will rupture releasing a terrifying wall of water flooding into the valley below.

Overall size: 20" x 27½"


Available in the following editions (All editions include the Dambusters book)
  • Limited Edition: Signed by Dambusters veteran Sqdn. Ldr. George 'Johnny' Johnson - 250 prints ($170)
  • 617 Sqdn Edition: As above plus a bookplate signed by seven Dambusters veterans (7 total) - Low inventory - 50 prints ($265)
  • Bomber Command Artist Proof: As above plus an additional 28 Bomber Command signatures (35 total) - Low inventory - 40 prints ($375) 
  • Dambuster Edition: As above plus an additional bookplate with 8 signatures (42 total) - Very low inventory - 35 prints ($545)
  • Remarque: As above. 15 prints ($715)
  • Double Remarque: As above - Low Inventory - 10 prints ($945)
  • Tribute Edition: Sold Out - 5 prints ($1,995) 
  • Giclee Edition: Image size 24" x 36" Signed by the artist and includes book with George Johnson signature - Only 75 prints ($525)

BOOK ONLY - $35 (Call us to Order the Book)



Rarely has the incredible story of the legendary Dambusters been portrayed with such creative brilliance with paintings and drawings created by some of the world’s finest aviation and military artists.

This superbly researched and lavishly illustrated 128-page book provides a unique insight into the wartime exploits of 617 Squadron.

Book size approx: 9½" x 12"


Each of the Dambuster Edition remarque features an original pencil drawing, beautifully crafted to order by artist Anthony Saunders in the lower margin of the print.

Each drawing is unique and will be themed to the Dambusters Raid. The double remarque are twice the size of a single remarque and even more elaborate in detail. Personal requests can be made when ordering.


With all the components of the Dambusters Edition, each highly collectable portfolio is issued with a unique original pencil drawing by Anthony Saunders - one of the world’s leading aviation artists.

Each drawing is signed by two of the most iconic pilots ever to fly with 617 Squadron and conservation matted to include the signatures of six more highly-decorated Bomber Command aircrew:

Group Capt. James Tait (drawing)
Flt. Lt. Bill Reid (drawing)
Sir Michael Beetham (matted)
Air Commodore David Strong (matted)
Group Capt. Drane Lowe (matted)
W/O Ernest Kenwright (matted)
Sqdn Ldr. Norman Scrivner (matted)
Flt. Lt. Eric Jones (matted)

Coup De Grace - Tribute edition drawing
Approx. overall matted size 14½" x 16½"



Limited Edition:

  • Sqn Ldr George‘Johnny’ Johnson DFM - Bomb Aimer with American pilot Joe McCarthy, attacked the Sorpe Dam

617 Sqdn Edition (Signatures on bookplate):

  • Sqn Ldr George‘Johnny’ Johnson DFM - Bomb Aimer with American pilot Joe McCarthy, attacked the Sorpe Dam
  • Warrant Officer Frank Tilley - Flight engineer, attacked Tirpitz
  • Flight Lieutenant Ken Trent DFC* - pilot, attacked Berchtesgaden
  • Flight Sergeant Charles Avey - Mid-Upper Gunner, flew last eleven 617 Sqdn missions dropping Grand Slam and Tallboy
  • Wing Commander John Bell MBE DFC - Bomb Aimer with Bob Knight, attacked the Tirpitz
  • Squadron Leader Benny Goodman - pilot, flew 30 special ops including Tirpitz and the Eagle's Nest
  • Flight Lieutenant Sydney Grimes - Wireless operator, flew 43 ops

Bomber Command Artist Proof  (As above plus the following - signatures on bookplate):

  • Flt Sgt Tom Sayer DFM - Pilot on Halifaxes with 102 Sqn
  • W.O. Roy Briggs - WOp/AG on Lancasters with 576 & 156 Sqns
  • W.O. Derek Gurney - Mid-Upper Gunner on Halifaxes with 10 Sqn
  • Flt Lt Tom Payne - Pilot on Wellingtons & Lancasters with 90 & 15 Sqns
  • W.O. Charlie Darby - Rear Gunner on Halifaxes with 462 & 466 Sqns
  • Flt Lt George Dunn DFC - Pilot on Halifaxes & Mosquitos with 76 & 608 Sqns
  • Flt Lt Alan Payne DFC - Bomb Aimer on Lancasters with 630 & 57 Sqns
  • Sqn Ldr Douglas Joss MBE - Rear Gunner on Lancasters with 626 Sqn
  • W.O. Rex Statham - Flight Engineer on Halifaxes with 158 Sqn
  • W.O. Ken Johnson - Mid-Upper Gunner on Lancasters with 9 & 61 Sqns
  • Flt Lt John Cooper AFM - Pilot on Wellingtons & Lancasters with 101 Sqn
  • W.O. Frank Tolley - Bomb Aimer on Lancasters with 625 Sqn
  • Flt Sgt Ron Gard - Rear Gunner on Lancasters with 463 Sqn
  • Flt Lt Gordon Mellor - Navigator on Halifaxes with 103 Sqn
  • W.O. Cecil Chandler - Flight Engineer on Stirlings and Lancasters with 622 Sqn
  • W.O. Eric Horsham - Flight Engineer on Halifaxes with 102 Sqn
  • W.O. Harry Irons DFC - Rear Gunner on Lancasters & Halifaxes with 9 & 158 Sqn
  • Flt Lt Jack Blanchard DFC - Pilot on Wellingtons, Halifaxes & Lancasters with 166 Sqn
  • W.O. Ted Key - Flight Engineer on Lancasters with 514 Sqn
  • W.O. Ron Tomlin - Bomb Aimer on Halifaxes with 10 Sqn
  • Flt Lt Russell Waughman - DFC AFC Ld’H Pilot on Lancasters with 101 Sqn
  • Flt Lt John Trotman DFC* - Pilot on Wellingtons & Mosquitos with 150 & 692 Sqns
  • Flt Sgt Len Manning Ld’H - Rear Gunner on Lancasters with 57 Sqn
  • W.O. Reg Payne - WOp/AG on Lancasters with 50 Sqn
  • W.O. Harry Winter - WOp/AG on Halifaxes with 427 Sqn
  • Fg Off Vic Farmer - Navigator on Lancasters with 550 Sqn
  • Flt Lt ‘Stevie’ Stevens DFC AE - Pilot on Lancasters with 57 Sqn
  • W.O. Harold Kirby - Flight Engineer on Lancasters with 467 & 97 Sqns

Dambusters Edition (As above plus the following - signatures on bookplate):

  • Squadron Leader Les Munro DSO DFC - Pilot of Lancaster AJ-W, attacked the Sorpe Dam
  • Sergeant Ray Grayston - Flight Engineer on Lancaster AJ-N, successfully breached the Eder Dam.
  • Sergeant Fred Sutherland - Front Gunner in Lancaster AJ-N, attacked the Möhne Dam and breached the Eder
  • Sergeant Douglas Webb DFM - Front Gunner on Lancaster AJ-O, the only aircraft to attack the Ennepe Dam
  • Corporal Ken Lucas - Ground crew, fitted the spinning mechanism for the bomb and the twin Aldis lamps on the underside of the a/c.
  • Corporal Maureen Stevens - radio telephone operator throughout the night of the Dams Raid and relaying information from the air crews
  • Dr Mary Stopes-Roe - The daughter of Sir Barnes Wallis, designer of the 'Upkeep' bouncing bomb

Tribute Edition (As above plus the following):

  • Group Captain James Tait DSO*** DFC* - Commanding 617 Sqn he personally led some of the unit’s most important bombing raids 
  • Flight Lieutenant Bill Reid VC - Awarded the Victoria Cross he later joined 617 Sqn but was captured after bailing out in July 1944
  • Marshal of the RAF Sir Michael Beetham GCB CBE DFC - Flying Lancasters with 50 Sqn he completed 30 ops over Germany
  • Air Commodore David Strong CB AFC - Wellington pilot with 166 Sqn and 104 Sqn
  • Group Capt. Drane Lowe - Pilot on Hawker Hinds, Hampdens and Wellingtons on early bombing raids over Europe with 49 Sqn
  • Squadron Leader Norman Scrivner DSO DFC - Navigator with Guy Gibson in 106 Sqn before transferring to 83 Sqn Pathfinders
  • Warrant Officer Ernest Kenwright DFC DFM - Rear gunner on Halifaxes and Lancasters, chosen for 35 Sqn Pathfinders
  • Flight Lieutenant Eric Jones DFC - Pilot with 49 Sqn, completed a full tour


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