Desert Warriors - Aviation Art by Robert Taylor


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Desert Warriors

by Robert Taylor

Special Gift For Wings Customers!

FOUR (4) Ace Profiles Included with Your Purchase (Limited Time)

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Ace Profile Aviation Art

North Africa, 1941: When Erwin Rommel's 'Afrika Korps' were dispatched to North Africa in early 1941, one of the most respected Luftwaffe leaders was assigned to their support; Eduard Neumann. Under his command the pilots of I./JG27 soon made their presence felt.

Robert fittingly depicts a Bf109 from I./JG27 near their base at Ain el-Gazala, north-east Libya, from which they were tasked to protect the Ju87 Stukas attacking the encircled British army in Tobruk.

Overall size: 13½" x 18"


  • Limited Edition: Signed by four prominent Luftwaffe jet pilots who flew with JG27 in the desert. ~ 650 prints ($135)
  • Artist's Proof: As above ~ 65 prints ($210)
  • Collectors Edition: As above, matted to include an additional signature ~ 50 prints ($350)
  • Remarque: As above ~ 15 prints ($1,195)
  • Double Remarque: As above ~ 10 prints ($1,950)


    Each signed print in the Collector's edition is issued conservation matted to include the original autograph of Erich Rudorffer, who also flew in the desert during WWII.

    Approx. overall matted size: 19" x 21"


    Limited Edition and Artist Proof Signatures

    • Oberst Eduard Neumann
    • Ambassador Franz Elles
    • Hauptmann Fritz Keller
    • Generalmajor Friedrich Korner

    Collectors Edition & Remarque Signatures
    • Oberst Eduard Neumann
    • Ambassador Franz Elles
    • Hauptmann Fritz Keller
    • Generalmajor Friedrich Korner
    • Major Erich Rudorffer


    Robert Taylor Remarques
    Regarded as the world’s finest aviation artist, Robert Taylor’s original work is extremely limited so a hand-drawn pencil Remarque is one of the best ways to own a unique ‘one of a kind’ piece of his artwork.

    Each print in the remarque editions will have a delicately crafted original pencil drawing, skillfully created by Robert Taylor in the lower margin. Every Remarque drawing is different and unique.

    The remarque editions are similarly mounted, with the remarque drawing executed on a separate piece of paper which is included in the mat.


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