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Open Assault

by Robert Taylor


The Junkers Ju87 Sturzkampfbomber, known to the British simply as the Stuka, had already acquired a deadly reputation across Europe, its siren screaming as the ungainly dive-bomber struck terror into the hearts of those below. In 1940 its pilots crossed the Channel with their grim-looking aircraft to terrorise the southern towns and ports of England.

Robert Taylor’s memorable painting ‘Open Assault’, depicts Hurricanes of 501 Squadron attacking a force of Ju87 Stukas as they dive-bomb naval vessels and installations in the port of Dover on 29 July 1940. High explosive bombs detonate within the sheltered anchorage as escorting Bf109s from JG51 race in to protect their lumbering charges. Four Stukas and two Me109s are despatched, for the loss of just one RAF aircraft.

The SIX signature Collectors Edition is signed by the following veterans of the Battle of Britain:

  • Leutnant WILHELM NOLLER 
  • Wing Commander TONY PICKERING
  • Squadron Leader DOUGLAS NICHOLLS DFC 
  • Oberleutnant GÜNTHER SEEGER
  • General JOHANNES STEINHOFF 1913 – 1994 
  • Generalleutnant GÜNTHER RALL


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