Clash of Eagles by Anthony Saunders - Aviation Art

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Clash of Eagles 

By Anthony Saunders


Released as a pair with A WELCOME RETURN, Anthony Saunders' new painting, CLASH OF EAGLES, features P-51 Mustangs of the 20th Fighter Group, flying out of Kings Cliffe to engage Me109’s from JG77 in a furiously contested dogfight.

Below them a formation of B-17’s from the 379th Bomb Group fly through the chaos, doggedly maintaining their course, as they head on to attack the huge synthetic oil refinery at Meresburg, southern Germany, on 11 September 1944. So vital was this refinery to the Nazi war machine that it became one of the most heavily defended targets in Germany, the air defences even surpassing those of Berlin.

Each print has been signed by the following P-51 Ace and veteran Luftwaffe pilot:

  • Lieutenant Colonel CLYDE EAST 
  • Oberleutnant KURT SCHULZE

Purchase 'Clash of Eagles' and 'A Welcome Return' as a pair, by Anthony Saunders, and get a very special price.


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