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Band Of Bothers

By Robert Taylor

 Lancaster ‘S’ for Sugar of 467 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force, taxies in at RAF Waddington on the morning of 27 April, 1944, having completed her 95th operation, a raid on the ball-bearing factory at Schweinfurt, Germany.

Sporting on her fuselage Goering’s infamous quotation “No enemy plane will fly over the Reich territory….”, ‘S’ for Sugar went on to complete 137 operational sorties. This famous bomber, restored to her former glory, now resides in the RAF Museum as a lasting tribute to the men of RAF Bomber Command. 

This print bears an original drawing (in the signature border) by Robert Taylor. 
The edition is accompanied by a copy of Robert Taylor's Air Combat Paintings book vol.I.

Overall Print size 30 1/2" wide x 23 1/2" high



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