Broken Silence by Robert Taylor - Aviation Art

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"Broken Silence"



Mosquito bombers embark on a low-level precision strike against enemy targets in Holland. 

As dusk settles over the Norfolk Broads, a working barge moors for the night. The sudden roar of Merlin engines shatters the evening silence, as wild ducks take flight and a pair of moorhens scuttle for cover in the rushes.

Image size: 24" x 36"


"Broken Silence" is Available in the Following Editions:


  • Giclée on Canvas: Signed by the artist ~ 75 canvas prints ($795 USD)
  • Signed Editions: All Signed Editions have been sold out for years. HOWEVER, Wings has many Sold Out prints still in stock at original prices! In addition, we have a large network of collectors, some of whom may be interested in selling this print. Please contact us for details and we can potentially find a signed copy of this incredible print for you in immaculate condition. 
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