Robert Lundquist

Born in 1966 Robert Lundquist has been drawing since he could pick up a pencil. Military themes have been a subject of interest since the beginning. Not limited to just aviation Rob prides himself in being versatile in most subjects and mediums. At age 15 Rob took private painting lessons for 5 years where he learned the finer points of oil painting composition and color mixing. After finishing school Rob went on to refine his painting skills and learn new mediums on his own. By age 27 Rob had become an accomplished full time versatile artist painting a wide range of subjects. Recently Robert has been recognized internationally for his aviation art especially several pieces for the Blue Dolphin squadron out of Atlanta. This has generated great interest in Rob’s work as he sets off on a long exciting career.

Commissioned Paintings

For information on commissioning an affordable original of your very own from Robert Lundquist you may contact him at email or call him at (250) 334-0630

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