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The Channel Dash

By Robert Taylor 


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Undetected the battle cruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau (together with the cruiser Prinz Eugen and supporting vessels) had escaped from the French port of Brest and were making an audacious dash - in broad daylight and under the noses of the enemy - to the safety of the Elbe Estuary. But first they must sail through the Straits of Dover - one of the narrowest and most heavily defended straits in the world. Everything depended on surprise - and air cover from Me109 fighters. Given the job of providing that air cover was one of Hitler's youngest Generals (Adolf Galland) who through diligent planning and daring tactics ensured the operation was a complete success.

Galland later described the mission as one of the most important and successful of his career. Originally created as the first in the famous Galland Trilogy The Channel Dash (signed by Adolf Galland and veterans of Operation Cerberus) became one of the most collectible Me109 limited editions ever published by the Military Gallery.

Produced and printed onto fine canvas under the direct supervision of the artist to match his original painting and then mounted on to high-quality stretchers from the Military Gallery each of these carefully crafted Giclee Studio Proofs are fully authorized and personally hand signed by artist Robert Taylor.



  • EVERY Channel Dash Giclee Studio Proof is issued with as a superb collectors portfolio which comprises a facsimile wartime photograph of General ADOLF GALLAND beautifully matted to conservation standards to include a reproduction a Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot clasp and a Galland ORIGINAL signature.

Overall stretched canvas size: 36" wide x 24" high

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