Air Combat Painting Book Volume 2 by Robert Taylor - Aviation Art

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Air Combat Painting Book

"Volume II" 

By Robert Taylor


Robert Taylor's first book of paintings immediately became an international best-seller and is today the most successful historical aviation book ever released.

Now an even more compelling second volume is available containing a complete account of Robert Taylor's most recent aviation paintings, giving the stories behind the.

Following the same very popular lareg-page format as the original book, Volume Two is an entirely new edition, packed with new paintings and drawings, with interesting new text. Robert Taylor takes readers behind the scenes and discusses events leading up to each of 24 major paintings, providing a fascinating insight into how the world's most popular aviation artist prepares, researches and creates his masterpieces.

Top fighter Aces, themselves fans of Robert's paintings, also contribute features for the book: The foreward is by Peter Townsend, and there are fascinating notes on flying various WW2 fighters in combat from Gunther Rall (Me109), Hub Zemke (P-47), Dick Best (SBD Dauntless), James Goodson (P-51) and Alan Deere (Spitfire). This new book provides a truly fascinating and carefully researched insight into the world's most widely collected painter of historical aviation subjects.

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