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Charles E 'Chuck' Yeager

By Robert Taylor


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Robert Taylor’s Icons of Flight series has proved to be one of the most collectible compilations of aviation artworks published by the Military Gallery. Revolutionary in concept, all previous releases have quickly sold out. Perhaps unsurprising given that Robert remains the undisputed master of his genre and that this particular series of ground-breaking artworks is dedicated to some of the most famous aviators in history.

The latest in Robert Taylor's 'Icons of Flight' series pays tribute to 'Chuck' Yeager, truly one of aviation's most prominent figures.

Following the theme of previous releases in this series, a detailed drawing titled “Escort Duty” forms the centerpiece of this highly-restricted compilation; it features Yeager’s most famous P-51 ‘Glamorous Glen III’, the mount in which he scored most of his WWII victories. Matted alongside is a second, completely separate drawing titled “Breaking the Barrier” which features Yeager’s Bell X-IA moments into its record-breaking journey.

Continuing the meticulous standards set in the series so far, both drawings are once again beautifully presented as giclée prints, reproduced on museum quality archival papers. Robert then hand-finishes each print with the delicate application of subtle embellishments and elegant highlights. Every copy is therefore unique and only when Robert is completely satisfied with the finished result does he personally title and write the captions before signing and hand-numbering each piece.

Completing the piece is of course the original signature of Gen. Chuck Yeager.

Overall matted size: 20" x 36"

Only 26 copies of this memorable edition are available worldwide. Each pair of drawings is exquisitely matted to full conservation standards in a single composition that includes the fully authenticated original autograph of the man himself; Brigadier General Charles E ‘Chuck’ Yeager.

To complete the portfolio, each copy is issued with a specially-written and unique matching-numbered biographical book illustrated by Robert Taylor and his son, Richard, containing many previously unseen works.

Chuck Yeager

Yeager joined the Army Reserves in 1941 and received his wings in March 1943, joining the 357th FG with whom he went to England, scoring his first victory on 4th. March 1944. The following day he was shot down over France but evaded capture and escaped to Spain.

Normally he would have been returned to the U.S. to avoid compromising his escape route if captured, but by appealing directly to Gen. Eisenhower he was allowed to remain with the 357th. Yeager became one of the group's leading Aces with 11½ victories, including on 12th Oct., 5 Me109s in one day, and scored his last victories when he shot down four Fw190s on 27th. November.

On October 14th 1947 he became the first man to break the sound barrier, flying the Bell X-1 from Edwards AFB California.

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