Iwo Jima By John Shaw - Aviation Art

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Iwo Jima

By John Shaw


With an engine out, a B-29 comes in to land on Iwo Jima. At great cost, the island had been taken in order to provide an emergency landing strip for damaged B-29s returning from their long range missions to Japan.

13 Signature Main Edition!

SIGNATURES: Signed by thirteen veterans of the battle for Iwo Jima.

Vern Brinzenhofe (4th Marine Div.),Claire Chaffin (Corpsman USN), Jack Colby (4thMarine Div.), Roy Earle (Saipan, Tinian, Iwo), Norm Hatch (USMC Oscar-winning combat cinematographer), Harry Hink (USAAF B-29 pilot), Herb Ing (4th Marine Div.), Raymond Jacobs (1st Flag-raising on Iwo), Henry Koellein (Flame-thrower operator), Cy O'Brien (USMC Combat Photographer), Grover Thompson (4thMarine Div), Gordon Ward (5th Marine Div), Robert Weiler (USAAF B-29 gunner)



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