Avengers of the Philippines by John Shaw - Aviation Art

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Avengers of the Philippines

By John Shaw


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A salute to the pilots of Air Group 51 who helped liberate the Philippines and to the Americans who defended the Philippines before their capture by the Japanese.

The date was November 14, 1944 . . . 

As smoldering enemy ships mark a trail to Manila Bay, Avengers and Hellcats of Air Group 51 overfly the isle of Corregidor on their return to the carrier U.S.S. San Jacinto.

With the misty mountains of Bataan standing as a silent sentinel, Naval LT (JG) George H.W. Bush pilots his TBM in one of his last combat missions of WWII. The valor of Bush’s group in the Battle of Leyte Gulf and in the strikes on Manila Bay helped pave the way for MacArthur’s campaign to liberate the Philippines.


Why is this a very Special print?

 - Avengers of the Philippines is the world's only WWII print currently available (at original issue price), bearing the signature of President George H.W. Bush, the Former Leader of the Free World!

- "Avengers of the Philippines" prints each make for an instant conversation piece and family heirloom.

 - Artist Proofs and Publisher Proofs of Shaw's "We Were a Band of Brothers" prints sold out quickly and doubled in value within a year.


The Signatures:





VT-51 pilots Jack Guy, John Raquepau, and VF-51 Hellcat Ace Robert Maxwell.

  •  VT-51 pilot George H.W. Bush, former President of the United States 
  •  VT-51 pilots Stan Butchart, Lou Grab, and gunner Bill Joyce
  •  VF-51 pilots Nat Adams and Bill Hartung

Philippines defenders & Cabanatuan POW camp survivors (site of the Great Raid) Abie Abraham,Harold Amos, and Dale Menger

 Four of the veterans below who fought on Bataan or Corregidor during the early days of WWII 

*(signers are randomly distributed)



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