Air Combat Paintings Book - USAAF Edition by Robert Taylor - Aviation Art

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Air Combat Paintings Book

Volume IV USAAF Edition 

By Robert Taylor

The USAAF Edition:

This new edition brings you Robert Taylor's very latest and up to date work accompanied by informative text written with refreshing originality and sparkle.This wonderful new 128 page case-bound book is printed on heavy weight art paper and contains over 70 images reproduced in full colour, supported by a host of beautiful drawings and informative photographs, including many images never previously seen.

Readers will experience some of the world’s greatest air battles as visualised by the world’s master of aviation art, and the story of how these masterworks came into existence. Each limited edition book is case-bound with dark blue cloth, fitted with high gloss full colour dust jacket. Each copy is signed and numbered by the artist, and is accompanied by the matching numbered companion print, "Where Eagles Gathered."

The USAAF Edition Remarque includes both the companion print "Where Eagles Gathered" and the Multi-signature Bookplate.

Remarque Bookplate Signatures:

  • Warrant Officer Norman Jackson VC., Colonel 'Hub' Zemke 
  • Flight Lieutenant Bill Reid VC,  Colonel Bob Morgan 
  • Generalleutnant Adolf Galland, Colonel Don Blakeslee 
  • Air Vice-Marshal Johnnie Johnson CB,  Brigadier General Robin Olds 
  • Air Commodore Alan Deere DSO OBE DFC*,  General Leon Johnson MOH  
  • Oberst Erich Hartmann, Colonel Walker ‘Bud’ Mahurin 
  • Wing Commander Don Kingaby DSO AFC DFM**,  Colonel Clarence ‘Bud’ Anderson 
  • Generalleutnant Günther Rall  


The Remarques:

Robert Taylor’s magnificent pencil remarque will be completed on a separate folio sheet of paper which can either be inserted loosely within the book itself, or, if you wish, available to be framed and displayed as a separate item in its own right.

Collectors can choose the subject of the remarque, and depending on the subject chosen, the drawing will be additionally signed by one of the following Aces.
Squadron Leader Neville Duke - Col. Don Blakeslee - Oberleutnant Erwin Leykauf - Oberleutnant Walter Schuck.


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