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Buying and Selling Prints

When a limited edition aviation art print sells out, you can still find availability through the Secondary Market. WINGS operates actively in the Secondary Market on behalf of our customers.

We carry aviation art prints on the secondary market from Robert Taylor, Nicolas Trudgian, and all of our other Wings artists. While most aviation art dealers won't have your print in inventory, chances are that Wings has it in stock!!

Numbers are limited, so this list will be updated regularly. To avoid disappointment, we urge you act quickly.
With over 30 years of expertise in the aviation art world, we have the network and knowledge to provide you with a strong estimate of the value of your collection. We are extremely active in the buying and selling of Sold Out, MINT condition, Secondary Market, and hard to find aviaiton art prints based on the artists we carry (that is where our expertise lies). 

Let us help you with any needs you have when it comes to aviation art.


Print Care: Taking Care of Your Investment

Please Ensure:

Acid Free: Acid free materials are used in the framing of aviaiton art print (ie. acid free matts, backboards). Make sure you use a reputable art framing store and they should know exactly how to handle the prints.Corner Hinges: Use only corner hinges to secure the print to the board. Do NOT use tape, as it will greatly decrease the value of your print.

Keep out of Direct Sunlight: Direct Sunlight will fade the colour of the print over time. Be sure to hang your framed print on a wall that does not receive direct sunlight. As an additional safeguard, use UV glass in the frame. These are simple yet important details to consider when framing your new aviaiton art print. Remeber, the value of your print will be lost if it is not cared for properly.

If you wish to store and protect your aviaiton art prints, ensure they are stored FLAT with acid free tissue separating each print (the tissue should be placed on the image side).

Most art galleries carry acid free "foam core." These sheets come in 8ft x 4ft lengths. Have the gallery cut one sheet in half and use the acid free corner tabs to secure the prints. Some collectors like to shrink wrap each print and this is a great way to view the print while protecting it from any damage.

Prints do not like humidity. Store your prints in an area that is free of great ranges in humidity.

If you have any questions regarding the care of your prints, please don't hesitate to call us:

Wings is the premier broker for Secondary Market aviaiton art prints, and only deals with prints in MINT condition. If you have questions about buying or selling Secondary Market prints, please call us at 1-800-545-9464.

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